3 Workplace Goals You Should Set For Professional Development

April 19, 2021

There are tons of reasonable workplace goals you could set to fuel your professional progress. For example, you can decide to manage a new project, expand your influence, and improve your time-management skills. But the most important of the goals are those that will help you develop into a courageous leader. Your organization needs you—to step up and step into your greatness as a leader.

It doesn’t have to be cumbersome. To help you get started, here are 3 valuable workplace goals you can establish and practice every day. This can help you navigate through uncertainty and lead courageously.

Take a Risk, Every Day

On the surface, setting a goal to take one risk each day may not seem like an impressive aim. But don’t be deceived—it is a powerful, foundational action you can take to propel you down the path of becoming a better leader. Being a courageous leader means choosing growth over fear consistently. When you make a habit out of taking risks, you get consistent practice in acknowledging, settling into, and taming discomfort. The leader who hasn’t practiced being uncomfortable may find current workplace challenging. Things that call for radical innovation, company culture overhauls, and upskilling employees—too overwhelming to address.

Ask More Questions, Every Day

Curiosity has been hailed as one of the most critical qualities a leader should possess. It is a strong desire to know or learn something. In today’s workplace and economy, there’s a lot to learn. Employers need leaders who ask more questions.

You may think that this is an easy enough action and doesn’t require being made into a workplace goal. But think again.

Your workplace goal to be more curious has lasting benefits for your company. This is because it invites awareness of external pressures, creative problem-solving, high-speed adaptability, and better decision-making.

Make Meaningful Connections, Every Day

In an increasingly electronically connected workplace, personal relationships are essential.

A workplace goal focused on connection can assist you in showing up in relationships more powerfully and intentionally. This can help people to believe in you. Your ability to better connect with your team helps your company better address the needs of people.

Setting a goal to make a meaningful connection every day doesn’t mean that you need to scheduled daily Zoom calls. The only shift you may need to make is to purposefully elevate and personalize the conversations you are already having.

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