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Video marketing: Why Include in Your Business?

January 30, 2020
Video marketing: Why Include in Your Business?
Video marketing strategy is a new effective tool to drive a massive result in your business. The big question is why is it necessary to incorporate this skill into your business in 2020? According to consumer insight, 74% of customers will buy a product after they have seen a video. There is usually an increased growth in video views annually as over 80% of individuals spend their time on their phones watching videos.

Video content marketing has become powerful as over 63% of businesses use it for promoting their products or services. So every time you upload a great picture of your product with a caption on your website imagine how easy and fast you think your customers will digest it. Come to think of it when having an explainer video showing how a particular product works, what problem it fixes and the results the customers will get after using such a product. Do you think they will delay in patronizing? Not necessarily as they have watched a detailed video of what the product can do. This will help direct focus the whole attention on the customers this means that the conversions will be two times faster than if it was just an ordinary picture.

Return On Investment

It’s exciting to know that most businesses if not all use videos for their products and has also confirmed it provides a good return on investment. Note that it is important to have at least a quality video setup. It doesn’t have to be perfect but you don’t want your customers watching the low budget and poor design videos.

Boosts Conversions And Sales

Businesses engage in a range of products together as a bundle. If you have a range of products together, a combination of how those products work together in a short video can help drive sales. voice over videos helps to show how the various products function respectively. videos like these converts better than those 3/4 posts every day. There high possibility that videos may help keep visitors on a page longer.

Capture A wide Audience

Sometimes, it gets stressful to read a whole post and try to understand the message they are trying to pass. Video engages buyers especially the lazy ones that get bored easily with write up. In this modern time, people are occupied with a whole lot of things either online or offline. Everyone is busy or acts busy and wouldn’t have the time to waste reading long product descriptions. Explainer Video is one of the most important positive tools for customers.

Video marketing: Why Include in Your Business?

Adds Personality To Your Brand

Videos on social media are found to generate more likes than pictures ordinarily. Recently brands have started making videos like funny comedy skits to get noticed and increase brand awareness. It is difficult for small businesses to be discovered by new audiences but at the same time, video posts with great content are rising to the top of newsfeeds everywhere. so when it comes to introducing your brand out there short videos are a must-try.-

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