January 28, 2020

Transport Companies in Lagos are diverse and multi-tasking. Last week’s article was about the everyday services we get in Lagos, Nigeria. This article will talk about transport companies and the various services they deliver. This will help contribute to the structure the Lagos transport system does not have in terms of what the government has achieved.

They are privately owned and some of these transport companies have been around for almost 30 years. With the help of technology and the internet, these companies have been able to grow. Thus, making their services easier to get by their customers:

1. Ride-Hailing Companies


Being a metropolitan city, Lagos has a lot to offer in transportation. It can be very difficult to get transport in some places in Lagos, or also find one that drops you at your exact destination. They come in the form of taxis or even bikes and are fast and efficient. From taxi companies like Uber, Bolt (Taxify), GidiCab, Oga Taxi to bike companies like Gokada, OPay’s ORide, Max.Ng. These companies have helped in making transportation easier and also at relatively fair prices and services.

2. Interstate Bus Transport Companies

Interstate bus transport companies didn’t really start in Lagos. Many of these transport systems started from various other cities but they have thrived from the Lagos market as it is very busy. Interstate bus transport companies like God Is Good Motors (GIGM) started in Edo state but have over 31 terminal stations across 14 states in Nigeria. There are also other good interstate bus transport like Cross Country (also good carriers),veteran companies like Chisco, ABC and many more.

You can easily book a seat for your journey and even your returning trips easily. They have luxury packages if you want and their prices are relatively affordable. They are safer and much more convenient compared to normal bus systems that are not predictable.

3. Delivery Services

There are delivery services in Lagos that help you deliver goods to your customers, gifts to your loved ones, etc. They are many but a few of them are actually reliable to deliver in time. This is considering the bad habit of using African time for service-delivery and the everyday hassle of the Lagos traffic. Some of them like DeliveryMan.Ng, Kwikdelivery, Tranex, Gal Express, Ace Express, etc.

4. Car Rental Services


Whether you are just flying into Lagos and you need a vehicle to drive around Lagos or you need a luxury car to rent for your wedding or other events, they are reliable car rental services available in Lagos.

The good thing is they have varieties that can work for your budget and if one’s services are more expensive, there are many options to choose from. The oldest in the game in Lagos is Kunle Lawal Car Rental. Thye are other good companies like, Unity Global Ventures, Make It Nigeria, Sixt, and many more.

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