November 10, 2020
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Advertisers today spend millions of dollars to advertise their products. According to a study conducted by Mediafacts in 2015, it was revealed that Nigeria’s total advertising expenditure was N97.9 billion. It wouldn’t probably come as a surprise to discover that advertisers are actually spending a huge chunk of their budget on internet ads. The reason for this is obvious and you probably know why, after all, you are reading this article on the internet.

In times past, advertising transactions could take quite a while. It could span days to weeks.Thanks to Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) advertisers don’t have to wait weeks for ad transactions. Through the use of DSPs, advertisers can buy ad impressions across a range of publisher sites instantaneously and what’s more? It’s operation is from a single dashboard. It’s like a control room. Thus, many advertisers are on the lookout for the best demand side platforms to come onboard with. This helps them maximize their budget efficiently. In this article, we have compiled the Top 5 Demand Side Platforms advertisers should liaise with.


Dochase tops our list for several reasons. Not only do they help target audience reach top local publishers, websites and over 2 million sites and apps but they also help them reach an even greater audience on mobile web and App with ONE access point. They have access to 94% of internet users. Dochase offers advertisers opportunities to reach their targeted customers. With over 6 billion daily requests, they leverage on AI to run campaigns. They thereby reach a global audience with targeting parameters tailored for customers.

Advertisement campaigns is set in line with the advertiser’s price, strategy and daily budgets unlike other DSPs. More is that they help advertisers monitor their results on conversion through the use of their conversion tracking tools.

Dochase offers advertisers content that influences and resonates deeply with the target market, drive awareness and ultimately improve salience. These content take various forms of which storytelling is unarguable one of them.

They also do a great job of merging technology with creativity. This occurs by leveraging on the limitless possibilities and innovation of media and tech. This helps to deliver memorable consumer campaigns that puts advertisers ahead.

It isn’t thus surprising why big advertisers liaise with Dochase. This is because of their great track record of helping advertisers meet their goals.

If you are looking for the best demand platform to advertise, Dochase should be your first.

You can also read more about them on their official website


This DSP enables buyers and sellers to access and trade premium inventory. This they do in a trusted and streamlined environment.​ Xandr is building proprietary technology solutions to transform digital advertising. Thus making it easier for advertisers to connect with their audiences.This buying platform let advertisers connect with consumers and drive business results.​ As a result, publishers can drive monetization.​


Their omnichannel DSP allows marketers to manage truly omnichannel campaigns. They manage across mobile, display, social, video, audio and native, with privileged access to global ecosystem of premium supply. Furthermore, they offer the complete set of capabilities needed to manage coordinated omnichannel campaigns. This includes execution, creative management, targeting and reporting in a centralized location. This allows marketers to transcend siloed channel buying and focus on driving great consumer experiences and incremental business results from their marketing.


Their mission is to create a better internet, and for them, that begins with advertising. Their open, transparent marketplace and enterprise technology enable marketers to connect and engage consumers on websites and apps. The ads they buy fund award-winning journalism, music, video, and games-all at little or no cost to the consumers who enjoy open access to this premium content.


Adelphic gives marketers a transparent and holistic view of their audience profiles, to help make more informed media strategy and investments. Advertisers can execute their programmatic media campaigns across all devices, without worrying about data loss or modeling techniques. Adelphic is run by first-party data, bringing the precision of people-based targeting.

Today, advertisers cannot afford to be lackadaisical about the DSP platform they use in integrating their campaigns. Living in a digital word requires constant technical processes and activities that advertisers need to leverage on if they actually want to stand their ground in a competitive marketplace. With the help of these top 5 DSPs, you are on your way to having a large customer base.

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