Tapping Into The Vast Opportunities In Agri-Investment

June 5, 2020

Investing in agriculture is becoming increasingly interesting for investment funds, considering the uncertainty and volatility found in many financial instruments. Agriculture in Nigeria as a revenue stream is highly profitable and it is difficult to run dry.

Why Investing in Agriculture is Important

I know this because few months ago, I lost my job. Aside from the obvious financial anguish it caused, the stress of losing my job also took a heavy toll on my mood, relationships, overall mental and emotional health. I just kept feeling anxious about what the future holds.

Good thing, I have saved some money from my previous employment but I have bad spending habits and losing my job will eventually make me a broke person. This can’t happen! I decided to split into two. One for daily expenses and the other for investment.

What can I possibly invest in that will generate profit in say 3-4 months? I searched online and found Viable X. Viable X is a platform that helps you profit greatly from agriculture in Nigeria. You simply invest in farm produce and get returns.

viable x

I did some research and found out that there are many reasons to invest in agriculture: it is a low-risk investment that keeps pace with inflation and increases in value over time. It is a tangible asset that provides benefits to the community, and it can diversify a portfolio.
I took the risk and gave Viable X a try? All I had to do was buy farm produce when the price was low and sold when the price was high. Everything was online. Easy peasy!

Since my first round of financing with Viable X, I’ve been able to grow my finances by 78% monthly. Did I miss my previous employment? Yes. Was I broke? No. I earned more in fact. I have another job now and I’m still investing in Viable X. It has been my best decision this year.

My friends and I have explored other dealings with them where we funded commodity export orders from international buyers and earned a 50% Return on Investment in 3months. Anytime I need money, all I have to do is click sell and that’s it, credit alert immediately!

Tapping Into The Vast Opportunities In Agri-Investment

Investing in agriculture did not provide immediate returns, but in 3 months, it paid off greatly. There is much less volatility in farmland than in other types of investments, meaning adding agriculture to your investment portfolio can provide continual stability.

Thanks for your support Viable X.
And ohh, if you are looking to triple your income, employed or not, Sign up now!

viable x
Tapping Into The Vast Opportunities In Agri-Investment
viable x

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