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It Is Time To Step Up!

June 3, 2020

Finding the right financial lender is extremely important. In 2014, I operated a fish farm with over 15 ponds. Each pond has a minimum of 1, 000 fishes. That is a total of 15, 000 fishes.

viable x helped to recover my loss

In one day, I lost over 7000 fishes as a result of contaminated water. It was a huge loss for me, I was going to quit. To make matters worse, I called my lender at the time, the same lender who had been supplying finance to my family farm for decades, they were worried that my land prices were depreciating and that the loss was too much. They doubted I could payback in 6 months.

Having never missed a payment on my loan, I was confused when the lender decided to pull the plug on my operation and demanded that the loan be paid in full immediately. Long story short, I was forced to sell the fish farm to come up with the funds to pay back the loan.

Fast forward to 2018, after several years of working here and there and saving enough to start again, I contacted Viable X about getting back into the fish business. Not only did I receive an instant loan, they also worked with me and were able to approve me for a loan so that I could rebuild my business and continue the family tradition.

Since my first round of financing with Viable X, I’ve been able to grow my fishes to 25000. About 5000 of them weigh 300kg.
Interestingly, my brother Tony Ebube made money funding commodity export orders from international buyers. He earned a 50% profit in 3 months.

My family and I have had other dealings with them which include but not limited to buying and storing produce online, selling when the price goes up, and got credited immediately.

I am Chioma Ebube, owner of Ebube Family Farms. We have now been enlisted among the leagues of farming companies supplying raw materials to food processing factories and fast-moving consumer goods manufacturers in Nigeria. Thanks for your support Viable X.
And ohh, if you are looking to step up like me, Sign up now!

Kenneth Oche - Public Relations Consultant - Farm4Me | LinkedIn
Kenneth Oche - Public Relations Consultant - Farm4Me | LinkedIn
viable x helped to recover my loss
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