small wins

4 Big Reasons To Start Celebrating Your Small Wins

April 26, 2021
small wins

Small wins when compared to big wins may seem unworthy of celebration. However celebrating small wins does have some benefits for you in your personal and professional life as well. This article explores 4 reasons you should celebrate small wins.


When energy is low, it can be challenging to accomplish anything. When you celebrate your small victories, you will give yourself little hits of energy that will add up over time. Once you start experiencing more energy, you might notice feeling more motivated to accomplish all those items—large and small—on your “to do” list.

Personal/Professional growth

Acknowledging little wins helps you keep track of how far you’ve come. This is especially helpful when you’re trying to instill a new habit or make a lifestyle change.

Behavioral changes can be some of the biggest challenges we undertake. They can also be the most beneficial when you’re on the path to personal or professional growth and development. It can be easy to fall into the “all or nothing” trap. Growth in any area of life is a process. This process requires the use of tools. Celebrating the little things is an intentional tool you’ll want to use when you’re in the process of becoming the person you have been saying you want to be. 


Self-love is the ultimate investment you will ever make. You are the only person you will know for the entirety of your life. When you love yourself unconditionally, you will be able to navigate any life obstacle or storm. Celebrating your little victories is just one of so many ways to take care of yourself. Celebrating your small victories is a powerful way to demonstrate that you notice how amazing you are. It helps you rely more on your own positive feedback rather than looking to the outside world to tell you what it thinks of you. 


Happiness is a by-product! When we are fully engaged in our lives, our confidence runs higher, our actions match our intentions, our love for ourselves grows, and we experience a life filled with meaning. So, if you want to experience happiness, you must find ways to incorporate meaning into your life. Celebrating your little victories can be a catalyst for finding this meaning. Put another way, if you’re not ready to let go of the pursuit of happiness, try viewing happiness as something you practice.

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