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Night of the Moon; A Ramadan Story.

May 5, 2020

It’s Ramadan season, a time to pray and fast. We had been warned not to linger outdoors after 8 pm in Lagos. The unofficial capital of Nigeria has a hustling spirit reputation, and my mother-in-law invited my husband and I to have dinner with the family.

We decided to honor the invitation with the intention to head back home on time. Yet, sunset and traffic caught us unaware. We narrowly escaped an arrest by the police and thought it was wise to head back to my in-law’s house to spend the night since we weren’t far gone.

Just before sunset, my mother-in-law had arranged baskets laden with all kinds of goodies. Everything was laid out carefully on picnic blankets and when the last rays of sun disappeared behind the mountains, the call to prayer filled the street from the mosque loudspeaker, the feast began.

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It was one of those nights that I’ll keep in my heart forever. The highlight of my day was seeing everyone together genuinely happy. I felt so at peace. Thanks to 9mobile, we watched a lot of movies together on Netflix. I almost turned moody when my data got exhausted but thanks to 9mobile again, my husband was able to share airtime and I got more data.

I watched my Father-in-law tell lovely moonlight stories to the neighbor’s kids. It was a wonderful day and one of my best moments. Happy Ramadan!

ramadan 9mobile
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