Negative thinking- Practical ways to stop thinking negatively

December 9, 2020

Probably not the first time you have heard of the phrase “Negative thinking”. We have three categories of people, the optimist, the pessimist, and the realist. The optimist is someone who’s happy and easygoing as possible. They live each day with a smile on their face. They avoid unnecessary negative thoughts and approach life with a positive outlook. This set of people tend to be happier. They are also likely to make more friends. After all, who wants to spend time with people who are always gloomy, right?

The pessimist’s first reaction to anything positive is to think something is amiss—too good to be true or a mistake. Then, we have the realists. They believe being optimistic is a setup for disappointment, and being pessimistic is a miserable way to live. Being realistic probably helps them to see things as they really are

Be that as it may, there are realities of life that even the brightest optimist must face. For example; the news may bombard you with reports of war, terrorism, or crime. You no doubt have your own failings and weaknesses to contend with and someone may have hurt your feelings.

Rather than pretend those realities do not exist—or fixate on them so that you feel miserable—try to strike a balance. A realistic approach’s gonna help you avoid undue negative thoughts and accept life’s realities.

There are practical steps you can take to avoid negative thinking. Here are some below.

Keep your faults in perspective

Try to keep your faults in perspective. This may seem difficult to do if you are pessimistic. It is not impossible though. You can work on your faults, but don’t expect to be perfect. No one is perfect. Try as much as possible to resist the urge to dwell on your fault. Rather try to learn from them so that you can find ways to improve.

Try to understand that things cannot always go the way we want. Mistakes are also inevitable because we are humans. Embrace your humanity and know that we are bound to make mistakes. This can happen from time to time and that’s okay.

Avoid comparisons.

One thing that has led people to negative thinking about themselves is social media. Some have fallen into depression because of the social media lifestyle they see their friends or favourite celebrities live. They forget that most things on social media are not as it is. It is an edited reality. Social media is mostly a highlight reel of people’s lives. People usually leave out ordinary parts.

Accept the fact that you won’t be invited to every social event. So don’t feel bad when you did not get an invitation to the end of the year party at school that you were looking forward to.

Cultivate gratitude.

Having a heart of gratitude can be difficult especially when we live in an ungrateful world. But it is not impossible to cultivate gratitude. Acknowledge your problems, but don’t be blind to the good things in your life. Each day, write one positive thing in your journal. Remind yourself that you have many positive things to think about. Count your blessings.

Examine your friendships.

When the people you spend time with are critical or bitter, their negative traits will rub off on you.

Friends will go through hard times, and for a while, they may be negative about their life. Support them, but do not be consumed by their problems. Negative people shouldn’t be your only source of association. Hang out with people who share positive vibes and make you feel good about ypurself

The point?

Negative thinking can be hard to just stop but you can do it. It is not impossible. With the few suggestions above, you can stop negative thinking and become more positive in the way you think and look at things.

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