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My Christmas Holiday Experience.

January 9, 2020

Christmas holiday is not just about the many beautiful decorations you see on the streets and in malls. There’s this special feeling that comes with Christmas. Is it just me? People say I love Christmas because it’s my birth month. One thing I know for sure is that Christmas is unarguably the best time of the year for most people.

I had always wanted to experience Christmas in Imo state because it’s my hometown. After many thoughts, I chose Lagos because It’s been years I spent my Christmas here so…

I had all the plans to enjoy this holiday in my head. It all started at the first concert I attended, it wasn’t so bad for me after all. The next day was Christmas so my friends helped me call a cab to take me home after I had spent the night over at my friends. The moment I realized my cousins were returning, and I will get lots of gifts and outings. I could never contain my excitement and thrill to get started with.

Before the day ended, there was an invitation to a house party at my cousin’s house. We all know Youngsters really love to party and have fun.
My family will definitely add up to the reasons Christmas is one of my best times of the year.

I visited Tarkwa bay beach, Oniru beach. 2 beaches in a day. So cool! Then I and my boyfriend ended up lodging at Radisson Blu hotel at Victoria Island. Where we spent two nights before heading back to the house on the mainland.

I was too excited to visit Hans and Rene. I loved the ice cream I had the other time can’t really remember what it is.

Now, let’s talk about food. We ordered different foods but the one that got my attention. The baked mackerel and cheese.
You don’t want to see my face after I ate that. I always try to have a taste of new meals whenever I visit cool places.


Lagos is really a nice place to have fun. And the good thing is you get to decide where to have fun as there are multiple chill spot locations. I’m so glad to have experienced my Christmas holiday in Lagos.

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