Maintaining an appreciative attitude in an ungrateful world

December 2, 2020

In today’s world sincere expressions of gratitude are disappearing. Often even the simple word “thanks” goes unsaid. Gratitude is increasingly being replaced by a me-first attitude. Truth is, people now see being grateful as a sign of being archaic. They look at you in an odd way, like you are completely different from them.

We are also surrounded by people who are haughty and unthankful. These are attitudes that can rub off on us. In addition, we may feel compelled to cram more and more activities into our already hectic lives. We could become so burdened by problems or engrossed in pursuing our own interests that we do not have time to appreciate what we already have or to express appreciation for what others do for us.

These article shares some tips on how you can begin to cultivate a grateful attitude.

Meditate on what you have

Webster’s Third New International Dictionary defines gratitude as “the state of being grateful: warm and friendly feeling toward a benefactor prompting one to repay a favor.” A feeling cannot be turned on and off mechanically; it must spring unprompted from within a person. Gratitude is more than a mere display of good manners or a form of etiquette; it stems from the heart.

Make time to meditate on the good things you now enjoy. Granted, you may feel overwhelmed by problems. maintained an appreciative attitude and remained content.

Make an effort

Think about what others have done to help you, and express appreciation for their efforts.

What a simple word “thanks” is! It is so easy to utter such an expression. And opportunities to do so abound. How refreshing is a warm and sincere Thank You to someone who holds a door open for us or picks up something we have dropped! Hearing that expression can make the job of a store attendant or a waitress at a restaurant or a babysitter lighter and more rewarding. Sending thank-you cards is a convenient way to express gratitude for acts of kindness.

Some appreciate the family, friends, or other blessings they have only after those are lost. You can avoid that sad outcome by reflecting on the good things you now enjoy! Why not make a mental or a written list of the things for which you are grateful?

Thankful to God

God is the Giver of the best presents. No one comes close. Especially important is the gift of life. To cultivate a grateful heart toward God, we need to meditate on his generous provisions that sustain our physical and spiritual lives. Such a heart will prompt us to show appreciation in words and actions. Prayer is one obvious way to express our gratitude to God.

The point?

Cultivating a grateful attitude will go a long way in boosting your happiness. People may be grumpy and think being grateful is old fashioned. You don’t have to be one of them. Don’t forget the number of people whose day can get brightened by just being acknowledged or thanked.

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