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September 26, 2019

Plantain farming is another secret cash machine that people ignore is in Nigeria. It’s one of the lucrative farming segments in Nigeria’s farm, which we have approximated it that farmers could earn N2.5 billion annually. Plantain is easy to cultivate and maintain, unlike other cash crops that require so much time and money to maintain.

Plantain farming is a low capital agricultural business and almost every Nigerian soil is good for plantain plantation as experience has shown. However, Nigeria is known as one of the largest plantain producing countries in the world. The issue is it has not been featuring among plantain exporting countries because it produces more for local consumption than for export. Therefore, more attention is placed on both local and intentional usage.

Also, are you a new enthusiast uncertain about which crop to cultivate with minimum capital and wants a guaranteed income? You may need to try planting plantain.

The crop grows best in moisture-rich tropical climates and features the following benefits.

Plantains do not have a growing season and are available year-round, especially on irrigated farmland. This makes them a reliable food source. Many farmers might have tried and failed, but with the requirements in place, plantain farming cultivation business can prove very lucrative and easy to start-up. All done in an integrated system. Also stated earlier, it requires little labor and is highly profitable.

The major needs of a successful plantain farming include improved varieties of planting materials called suckers; soil fertility; planting spacing know-how; manure application, and water application. Flowers develop into a bunch of plantains, which holds about five to 15 strands of the fruits. It has nothing to do with the age range, both the young and old can partake in the money-making farm business.


Research has shown that there is a high demand in plantain is because of the fast-growing industry which produces ‘plantain chips’. Ranks West Africa Limited is sure the best option for a manufacturing company which is located in Afolabi Otegbade Crescent, Bucknor Estate, Ejigbo, Alimosho, Lagos. The company is mainly into Agriculture & Farms, Dietitians, Flour Mills and offering Beans Flour, Ofada Rice, Plantain Flour. If you have questions, reach out to them.

Apart from the fact that you get to more vitamin-A and potassium than banana, making it more recommended than banana. Also, know that every plantain contains about 4.1 grams of dietary fiber (this helps control blood sugar and cholesterol levels).

In conclusion, As well known, the Southwest also convert plantain flour, which the people of the region called ‘Amala dudu’. This is more nutritious and expensive than yam and cassava flour. In recent times, they have identified Agriculture as one of the most important sectors. And this has the potential for mass job creation needed to tackle youth unemployment. We also need to elevate this sector for more youth participation to replace the aging farming labor population and involve urbanization.

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