September 24, 2019

Mental health is very important and so are the benefits of social media. The rise of social media shows that the global population is more connected than ever in the history of time. Our reliance on social media can have a detrimental effect on our health. With the average internet-savvy individual checking their phone as much 28 times a day, this could be dangerous. Social media platforms have their benefits but using them too frequently can make you feel unhappy and isolated often. 

Why Mental Health Issues are on the rise

Mental health issues have risen over the last decade and the rise of digital media may be one major reason. The increased reports of symptoms of social anxiety, social isolation, feeling of loneliness is associated with the frequent use of social media. As such, all of this contributes immensely to mental health. The constant show perfectly filtered photos that appear on Instagram are bound to reduce many people’s self-esteem.

While obsessively checking your Twitter feed just before bed could be contributing towards poor quality of sleep. The cause of the rise in unhappiness and the development of mental health issues is social media. Anxiety and depression are on the rise because of the overuse of social media.


We all have our fair share of lack of confidence, some that we speak about openly or would rather not talk about. However, comparing yourself to others on social media by stalking their elegantly perfect Instagram photos could increase your feelings of self-doubt.

In conclusion, we don’t have to quit social media for good. You just need to consider adding social-media free-time slots into your daily life. The slight change could do you a whole lot of good.

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