Improving Academic performance- Tips and tricks to get better grades

November 27, 2020

In school, we have different personalities. You come across various people from different walks of life. You may have classmates who do so good at their academics without breaking a sweat. There are some who just sit in class with no textbook and with headphones on, listening to music while the teacher is speaking. Then they wonder why they fail. There are also some who do everything they can. They study like there is no tomorrow. Yet, they still get a bad grade on a test. This is where some people fall in.

I know. It does not feel good to get a bad grade after putting an all-night studying. But sometimes this happens and we get sad. You may even want to give up on improving your grades. Or worse, you may consider dropping out. It doesn’t have to get to that. Improving your grades is possible with these few tips.

Setting your priorities right.

This means being focused solely on your academics. School life comes with so much extra curricular activities that may distract you. While it may be okay to attend one or two events, do not make it a constant thing. You don’t have to be at all the social events. These events do not carry grades, but if they do, of course attend them.

Take classes seriously. Show up for class. This may seem very easy, but if you skip too many classes, your grades will definitely suffer. If you do care about your grades, each class matter!

Make the most of each class.

It is not enough to just attend classes. Make the most of each class you attend. This means listening attentively to your teacher. It also means taking good notes. Try to follow the logic of what your teacher is saying. Being actively involved in what your teacher is discussing is important. If you are allowed, ask questions during class.

Ask lots of questions during class if you do not understand the topic. The teacher will explain the topic better if he or she knows that a student doesn’t understand it. You do not have to be shy to ask questions.

Make your homework a priority.

Your homework should be extremely important to you if you want to improve your grades. If possible, do your homework before other activities—especially before you run off to play games or take a nap. That way, once your homework is done, you’ll enjoy your leisure time even more!

Set homework as a priority, and this will make a difference in your grades. It may be hard but it does make your free time more enjoyable and fun.

Don’t be shy to ask for help.

Don’t be ashamed to accept help from others. No one knows it all and as humans we are fallible. Approach your parents for advice. Ask your teacher for help. Good teachers are always eager to provide help and support to students who need it. The teacher will likely be impressed by your determination to pass. In some cases, you may also be able to get help from a tutor. If you cannot afford a tutor, you can meet with your classmates who you think may have better understanding of the topic.

Thanks to the internet, there are also countless tutorials that can help you gain better understanding of a topic or concept.

A bonus tip: If you fail at an assignment or test, approach your teacher and ask for an opportunity to redo the test. You can also ask for other options. Most times, the teacher are moved to give you another task to make up for the previous one. Do not be afraid to make your requests known. Make the first move.

The point?

Improving your grade may seem like a difficult thing to do but it is definitely worth it. Dropping out of school because of a bad grade is not the wisest decision. There are so many resources at your disposal that you can take advantage of to improve your grades.

Do you have other tips that helped you improve your grades?

Please share.

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