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Grow Your Startup Business With These FREE Platforms

December 16, 2019

Starting a business can be very expensive and that could scare you away. In this article, we will reveal free platforms to aid your startup business.

free apps for growing businesses

Free Apps for startups are available everywhere. Also, running a business is easier with the development of technology every day. When starting a business, you need to optimize the funds you can get in other to make your business grow. Taking advantage of application software that are free can make your business not only easier but almost cost-free.

We will take you on a journey on some free apps and how you can leverage them to grow your business.

Free Content Creation Apps For Startups

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Creating content for your business is very important in this era. You must be updated with ways to create innovative content [writing] that will build your business. Whether you are selling visible or intellectual products, you must have content that will help you build a customer base. Here are four content creation free apps for startups:

  • Google Apps: Google has many apps good for creating content like Google Docs for writing. Google My Business for creating a business profile and free websites. Blogger to open a free blog, Google Slides for presentations/pitch presentations. Grammarly and ProWritingAid for editing your written content.
  • SEO AND PLAGIARISM CHECKERS: Search Engine Optimisation helps your content stay visible online when it meets certain requirements every normal article should have. It is very relevant that you use this and plagiarism checkers to endeavor you are not copying another person’s content. They are Yoast SEO for WordPress, Plagiarism Checker, etc.
  • Visual Content Softwares: For your business, you need to have some website. With graphical content and sometimes even video because you might not afford to pay someone to do that for you. Softwares like Canva for graphics, for free websites, Blender for video editing and many more.

Communication Apps For Startups

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Communicating is an essential part of your business that you cannot miss. Whether it is with your customers, potential partners or investors, the only way to achieve your goals in business and make your business grow is by communicating.

Social media apps are the perfect place to pitch your business all you can. Also, the opportunities available are enormous, and you will do your business a great disadvantage if your potential customers cannot communicate with you online.

Social media apps are all free apps for startups and existing businesses like LinkedIn is good for communicating with professionals and networking online. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Messenger is good for texting and sharing important information. For video conferencing, Skype and Zoom are good. Also, to create a social media presence for your business, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter is good for content placement, Information sharing and Interactions respectively.

Automated Email Posting and Social Media

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When starting a business, you might have a job aside from your business to help you survive your day-to-day lifestyle. This could make your day tight and you need to find alternatives to prioritize. Thanks to technology, these automated platforms could help you post on your social media or help you with your email marketing by posting automated responses to your subscribers or clients.

  • MailChimp: this is a platform that helps with your email marketing. Subscriptions and interactions with your clients, people interested in your product [maybe website] are all here from your mailing list.
  • Hootsuite: This is a social media management platform that can also help you schedule your posts and help keep track of all your platform’s’ impressions, engagement on social media.

This platform can all be on your phone but more efficient on a computer. These apps are all free for the basic things you will need to grow your business. When your business grows, you might need to upgrade to premium packages for some of these apps. This is just to get the best from these apps and you see that it is worth the try.

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