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Find Your Magic Number. Mine is Number 3.

May 13, 2020

No one can say Habeeb’s life has been easy. He has two older brothers which makes him the third. He is a Keke napep driver who has been heavily affected by the Lagos State ban on tricycles. To make matters worse, coronavirus has disrupted a lot of plans for him because his job requires movement from one place to another.

As it is now, he can only use the tricycle from 3 pm because that is when there are no policemen around to chase anyone.

How to set up a Keke napep business in Nigeria | naijauto.com
Find Your Magic Number. Mine is Number 3

Habeeb has been working hard for over 3 weeks with no break. His 3 years old daughter has also been suffering from typhoid. The previous day after he carried 3 passengers his keke napep developed a fault.

It’s another day again, same hustle. Habeeb stepped out around 9 am to get his keke fixed. On trying to push the napep to the other side of the road where the mechanic shop was, he mistakenly caused minor traffic which got him arrested by the police. After much begging the police guys collected 3k from him. Same money he planned to use in fixing his Keke.

Habeeb has had enough frustration, he decided to go to a beer parlor to calm his nerves. On getting there, he overheard two guys talking about how they won some money from betting. He decided that he will try his luck the next day with his last 300 naira.
The next day, Wednesday, Habeeb entered the betting shop around his area and gambled on the number that had brought sorrow for him, number 3.

Interestingly, Habeeb is oblivious about ”this number 3” until he heard the beep on his phone. He won 3, 000, 000. Yes, you read that right, three million fucking naira mehn. At that moment, it all made sense. Everything number 3 started to make sense.
His life hasn’t been easy but Habeeb said he wouldn’t want any of it to change. He has seen all angles to life. Fast forward to 2020, Habeeb has 3 keke’s which he placed on hire purchased, cashing out back to back and still leveraging his magic number 3 on betbonanza steady.

Betbonanza has not only made Habeeb a millionaire but 3 keke napep owners, house owners, and CEO. You can be the next Habeeb, find your magic number, and leave the rest to Betbonanza.
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Find Your Magic Number. Mine is Number 3
Find Your Magic Number. Mine is Number 3

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