4 Easy Tips For Dealing With Clients Who Refuse To Pay

March 1, 2021

Sometimes you seem to have everything in check until- well, some client refuses to pay up. It can be traumatic having to deal with that. Here are some things you can do if a client refuses to pay for the product and services rendered.

Do Not Assume

Do not jump the gun by concluding that your client is trying to ghost you if you aren’t entirely sure. Accusing a client of racking up a large bill can potentially destroy the relationship and cause you to lose the job completely. Blow off some steam, and do not be quick to conclude. Make calls and follow up with emails.

Resend Invoices and Follow Up

If you haven’t received a reply to your invoice, resend the invoice as a reminder. The invoice will remind your clients of their outstanding balance. And because it’s automated, it doesn’t appear like you’re being a pest. Clients may get angry because of incessant calls and emails but it’s different when they know an email is automated.

Contact via Social media

Most companies are on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram. Contact them through these venues with a simple, polite message to get in touch with you. Ensure to maintain professionalism. It can be easy to lose track of your professionalism when it comes to social media.

Send an Attorney’s Letter

Sometimes the idea of legal action can get the client to contact you and, at the very least, make an arrangement to pay what they owe. If you can afford an attorney, let them help you draft a letter stating the consequences if payments are not made during a stipulated time frame. This may seem like a harsh approach but it’s a very efficient one. Use this as a last resort after you have made all efforts to get the client to pay.

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