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Avoid These and watch your Business Grow

July 3, 2020

Avoid being thrown into confusion. Most companies have slashed their salaries, employees are losing their job every other day. Also, organizations are facing major challenges because of the current situation going on in the country. Especially for most start-ups and SMEs, The fundamental question here is How do you as a business owner navigate these trying times.

As African businesses and start-ups, the cure Beneath everything going on there are three basic factors acting as a negative influence on your ability to be productive. The aim of this article is to help African start-ups, businesses, and even CEOs of organizations leverage the times we are in identifying the patterns affecting your business growth.

The Three major emotion hindering you from achieving the goals you set to achieve early this year for your business are:

As soon as the manifestation of fear in the activities that surround your business. It will impede your ability to create and perform. This automatically affects things related to your business like your personal economy, business revenue, and the future of your business.

Fear takes away the creativity and the ability to scale to a much higher level. My point is that the mindset of Fear should be out of your thought. As much as the situation is no joke, there is a need to go ahead with your marketing drive. All you need do is to come up with a strategic plan of reaching your target audience. Most potential customers have also been affected by the pandemic which has automatically changed their buying capacity.


We should erase this emotion from business plans. That moment you’re wondering whether your customers will be comfortable with the recent price list. Considering the fact that there’s a current price increase. You’re not sure if they will buy from you, you do not know if you’re to purchase a good because of the price differences. You can read the confusion in this. Put up a considerable price list, update your customer, or better still, communicate the new price as a WhatsApp message, mail, or on your business page. With this, they are aware of the change and can create an engagement on why this has happened.


Yes, there is pandemic, but this pandemic should not deter you rather it should press out the best part of you to generate significant results. Uncertainty is a big hindrance to your business and mindset.

There’s a difference between risk and uncertainty, it is a subjective, multidimensional concept that varies on experience. The pandemic is a great example of how most Ceos feel any step they try to make in their businesses is a risk but they fail to understand have e a negative impact on their decision-making.

Hence, it is important to learn how to manage uncertainty. It one problem that can endanger and weaken your brand or compromise your internal structure.

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