Are You Single? 4 Ways To Enjoy Valentine’s Day.

February 12, 2020

Valentine’s day has been on a rave and many believe that single people like us wouldn’t have enough to engage with. It’s okay to want to experience love and kindness from that special someone but unfortunately, there’s no one in the picture yet!!! We are not left out as there are so many things I suggest we can do. This lover’s experience is something that should be felt regardless of being in a relationship or not. You can enjoy valentine’s day being single, who says you can’t live your best life when you are single?

While people are looking to be dramatic about this love period by having to buy gifts for their partners or planning a romantic late-night date on Valentine’s Day. You as a single person can also do some romantic and mind-blowing things for yourself and your loved ones. In this article, I will give tips on how to spend valentines in unique and fulfilling ways.

Treat Yourself

Even if you won’t be receiving gift items from anybody, remember to get yourself something. It really doesn’t have to be too serious, but I am sure there are plenty of things you have been wanting to get yourself this is the opportunity!!! I have been wanting to get a whole cake from Cakes and creams for myself so now I get the chance to achieve my intentions. Use this day to treat yourself to something good!

Attend Anti Valentine’s parties

It could be a house party or a gathering of different beautiful people that wants to just have fun and get to mingle. This party is the opposite of valentine. More like the opposite of what’s going on the 14th of February. There are people out there looking to chill and party. It’s something that most people will attend because they aren’t sure of what to do to make that day different. Most people are of the notion Valentine is nothing different from every other day.

Step Out To Show Love

Valentine's Day

This is another way to show love in a very good way. There are people out there that have little or nothing to eat or sustain themselves. Giving food items to the less privileged (homeless kids, the elderly and nursing mothers) will not be a bad idea. Imagine how much joy and happiness those people will feel because of the little you have given to them, putting smiles on the faces of people should be our top priority as it is one of the greatest ways to show Agape love. Also, Gifting them with the essential things they need like clothes, footwear, skin care products can help them regain their confidence. All you need to do is to locate one of the caregiving homes, Motherless babies or better still those spots you see those helpless people and I bet you will feel good about making them happy.

Blood Donation

“I just saved a life,” Anita Exclaimed!!! as she headed down to my room. This happened last year on the 14th of February. it is okay not to know how to express love and kindness to people differently. If you are single which I know I Am and you also want to take part in donating your blood, then you should find the nearest blood donation. Center and take the necessary steps. Some people out there, mostly the sickle cell patients who need blood donations as they lack enough blood. Also, pregnant women and a few medically challenged individuals. With this action, you can save one or two lives out there and you know what that means right?

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