A world without men is not a world- An International men’s day special

November 19, 2020

I ain’t gonna deny. I love men- do not read meanings to this. Yes, I love having men around. I’m always surrounded by them and to tell you the truth, I like it that way. There’s just something about having male friends that I can’t describe.  Every day, I come in contact with men of all ages and I feel complete. They can be said to be the pong to my ping and I never ever want that to come to an end. Why would anyone want a world without these set of humans?

Feminists may beg to differ. They may talk about toxic masculinity, probably saying a world without men would be a much better place. Ah, I do get what you mean. Some men really do make the world a bitter place but the fact remains that there are good men out there who are doing the best they can to make the world a better place. What sort of world would it be- a world without fathers, sons, brothers, husbands, boyfriends?


Fathers are like chocolate chip cookies; they may have chips or be totally nutty, but they are sweet and make the world a better place. My father has taught me so many life lessons, like how to save money, how to be independent, the importance of having a good character. Of course, there are times where I’d get upset with him and other times, he’d yell at me but at the end of the day, the love a father and daughter share is incomparable.

He’s my go to person when my mom denies me of some certain benefits. He’s the first person I’d go to when I needed to pay my school fees and levies. No matter how broke my father was, he’d find ways to fulfill my needs and sometimes my wants. Fathers are like banks we go to withdraw cash anytime we want and we basically have no idea how the bank never runs dry. No, a world without dads is just a world with moms yelling and screaming and complaining about almost everything. No! Not a world for me!

Fathers will continue to be heroes to their daughters. They will continue to protect us from other evil men out there. There’s probably a way Fathers do it but they can sense when a man has an unhealthy intention towards his daughter.

Why would anyone want a world without fathers?


Oh, brothers can be the most annoying human beings on earth yet, they are so sweet. Behind the tough exterior is a little child yearning to be loved and respected. A world without brothers is a world without teasing my younger brothers about their lousy haircuts even though they look so good. It’s going to be a world where I can’t steal their shirts without anyone yelling that I stole their clothes (sisters are cruel).

A world without brothers looking out for their sisters. Or probably taking the fall for their sisters so they don’t get yelled at by their parents. It’s also going to be a world with arguments about who’s going to fix the kitchen bulb or wash the car or fix the broken socket. A little handyman at our service without payment. I have never been so lucky to have these men in my life.

A world without brothers is no world to me.


The relationship parents have with sons is obviously quite different from what they have with their daughters. Fathers look up to their sons to take on the manly role in the family by looking out for the women in the family. They are the ones they call when they need to take a trip to the village for an emergency meeting or some sort. Let’s not talk about the strenuous and unbelievable errands they do.

I see a son, I see a child in love with his mother. Yes, they may refuse to take showers and their rooms are always unkempt but they are the stabilizers we so dearly need. They’re also really, really funny. They the make the home lively when the girls are busy plucking at their brows. And their friends are just as wonderful. A house filled with teen boys is a house of laughter, wrestling and lots of cussing while using the play station. Sons are loyal and loving. They’re action and spirit. Sons are a gift to the world and a world without sons is no world to me, yes, I would love to have a son and I want a world with my son!



Nah, this is the height of it all. I someday hope to get married and I want my husband in my world. Husbands take on the role of a father but in a beautiful and romantic way.

I want to make great memories with my husband such as putting the kids to bed each night, taking turns to read them bedtime stories. Husbands are so caring. I have seen husbands who couldn’t wait to leave work to get home to be with their wives. There are husbands who come home from work with a basket of flowers every night. They are protective and caring, oh, especially when their wives are pregnant. They would literally do ANYTHING to make her feel better.

One day, I’d be pregnant and I want my husband to be there with me at the delivery room while we birth the bundle of joy we made together. I’d never want to do this parenting thing without him.

A world without husbands is not a world for me.



A boyfriend once taught me love. Another taught me patience. One also taught me strength. Boyfriends make the world go round. I am so grateful for the men that came into my life and made me happy. I have been with a couple of guys that were nothing short of amazing and wonderful. Breakups hurt, yes, it does but at the end of the day, the memories shared and time spent is worth the pain.

Boyfriends mirror the features of fathers and brothers. They are loving, protective and kind. They give us the butterflies in our stomachs. And let’s be factual, they are sometimes the reason we dress up nicely. A world without boyfriends, is a world with no surprise gifts on our birthdays or a surprise trip. A world without a beautiful hyped up good morning message reminding us of how beautiful and valued we are.

I hope someday to meet someone amazing and when I finally do, I don’t want to imagine a world without him in it.

The bottom line

The internet has negative thoughts about men just freely roaming about. This needs to be redefined. Men make the world interesting and while hate crime (which is the essence of rape) must be faced and fought, I don’t want us to forget that we need men- the good men.

A world where only one sex dominates is not a healthy one and in our attempt to promote gender equality, let us make sure to balance the equation before wishing for the disappearance of men.

Truth be told, I would miss men. I would miss their smell, and their manly yet fragile sweetness, and I am certain, that, should the men disappear, something terrible – something even worse than all the terrible things they have already done – would happen. In the words of Aesop’s Fables “Be careful what you wish for lest it come true”

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