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9-5 You Can still have That Fun Lifestyle

August 14, 2020
9-5 lifestyle has recently become a normal and yet uncomfortable thing in any working-class individual. Everyone definitely has something to say about the working-class lifestyle. and still, no one can really say this is the wrong working pattern. Nonetheless, this makes those who subscribe to the lifestyle to be a great topic for this article.

But you can’t write a perfect essay on how to have a completely fulfilled life without an attention-capturing thesis statement. About 9-6 that provokes the reader’s interest in either supporting your claims or opposing them.

First of all, Most career-driven adults have their way around having a social life.

shockingly it will surprise you that a lot out there like myself struggle to keep the fun part active. In this article, I will give you step by step tips on how to work 9-6 and still find time to discover yourself in all areas.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” ―Aristotle

1. Strive for a realistic Work Schedule

This “work-life balance,” ideology isn’t real so just come off it already. The thoughts of probably having an extremely productive day at work, and leaving early to spend the other half of the day with friends and family. Is that even totally possible without considering how much rest you need for the next day? lol please come off it already…..it is not always easy.

Just know that some days, you might focus on 9-5 work, while other days you ” might” have the time to pursue your hobbies or spend it with your family members.

2. Let your Mindset Do The Most Part

All you need to have is a positive mindset towards whatever it is you are involved with generally. If I were to break down this point, I would say that knowing full well that you are not stuck in that 9-5 lifestyle rather, you got everything in your power. You can decide what you want and can achieve it.


In as much as you are not enjoying the job plus the work hours, I will urge you to consider it as the learning opportunity you need o scale higher.

It is important to know your mindset dictates how you feel. If you make yourself believe you can attain a comfortable lifestyle including work and social affairs, it will feel much more entertaining than frustrating.

Personally, much as I enjoy my job, I want to allow myself to enjoy all life has to offer, most importantly not missing out on the social parts of it.

3. Emulate the Smart Working Model

Of course, there are reasons why a job isn’t in your favor because of how difficult it is to deliver plus the pressure from your Rude boss or senior colleague, horrible hours, etc. The concept of working smart places more values on results over time spent on tasks. Set a to-do list, which will help guide your time management and ensure you finish up works intended to do to avoid piling up which will eventually take up time meant for chilling and having fun.

The better you are at understanding this, the more you develop the ability to handle anything at all. I’m a firm believer in giving your all in everything you do it helps your work ethics and mindset positively.In conclusion, Writing this thesis statement on 9-5 work lifestyles is a pivotal concern and one that takes time. After reading this article, you should be aware of the elements that make for excellent time management on various aspects of your life doing. Knowing that as a career-driven person, the truth is that this situation is already becoming more acceptable as a frustrating pattern rather than “enjoyable pain”.

However, the perfect lifestyle doesn’t exist, you either find a way to make it happen or you live feeling unhappy throughout. It is also important o note that putting in efforts to enjoy your preferred 9-5 lifestyle can also be hard sometimes.

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