5 reasons Dochase Adx is best for you

November 13, 2020
dochase advertising exchange

We live in a digital world already sounds cliché. Almost every living person knows that, including advertisers. Advertisers are channeling most, if not all their resources into internet advertising. This is where the largest chunk of their consumers are found. A research expert in the marketing and advertising field conducted a study in 2016. He discovered that Nigeria spends about 69.5 million U.S. dollars on internet advertising.

What this means is that Advertisers go through thick and thin to find the best online advertising platform. From research, we discovered that Dochase Advertising seem to up the bar compared to other advertising platforms. This is not surprising as they have a successful record of working with high profile advertisers across the globe. Dochase was founded in 2016. It has a mission to develop, adopt and deploy innovative technology. It also has platforms and products that will aggregate useful marketing data. They also create connections with the users and deliver value for stakeholders. And no doubt, they have proved to be the best in the game.

After an in-depth look at this advertising company, we’ve been able to come up with five reasons why you should liaise with them .


Nothing is more important to advertisers than having access to a large market audience. This is because, the more access to audience they have, the higher their chances of converting them to consumers. Thus, as an advertiser, this should be a criterion if you are looking to advertise your product or service online. Dochase offers just about that. Dochase has access to 94% customers who use the internet, mobile phone, and apps. You don’t have to limit your options. With Dochase you can reach your target audience on mobile internet, top websites, social media, applications, and direct android phones.

Apart from the large market access, Dochase Advertising Exchange also offers you insights to enable you plan, execute and monitor your marketing projects. They do this by leveraging access to accurate data to create improved and efficient targeting for digital advertising. However, they are also meticulous in providing quality assurance to avoid breach in data regulations

Pretty exciting if you are leaning towards more rigorous advertising.


Okay, I know I said nothing is more important to advertisers than wide audience reach. There is actually one thing that matters more. The content of their advertisement. Having access to a large market audience without a great content is like filling a basket with water. A really futile and unproductive effort, if you ask me. Therefore as advertisers, this should top your list if you are considering advertising online.

Dochase Advertising Exchange helps advertisers create branded content that resonates with their target market. One of the content approach used by them is the story-telling tactic. Dochase helps advertisers capture the attention of their potential and existing customers that drives them to take action. They create content that drive awareness and improve salience. Plus, they are culture sensitive and do their market research. So don’t worry about creating advertisements that may be offensive to a particular culture or section of people.


Through technology merged with creativity Dochse leverages on the limitless possibilities and innovation of media and tech. They deliver memorable consumer campaigns that puts you ahead. And one of the ways they do this is through Rich media. If you want to capture the attention of potential and existing customers, then Dochase is best for you. They do this by prompting customers to interact with the ad. This provides a more engaging experience. Gone are the days of the boring advertisements with just texts and colours. Now, consumers can be more involved by interacting with the advertisement campaign. Additionally, Rich Media ads are measurable and scalable. This is unlike typical banner ads which allows you to measure only impressions and click-through.


Dochase Advertising Exchange offers a wide range of programmatic solutions ranging from Display Advertising. This integrates technology, analytics, data and creativity to enable you diversify your customer reach effectively and efficiently. Native Advertising, where programmatic ad technology is used to distribute stories across various sites and apps where the target audience are. Direct-To-Mobile which enables you to buy, manage, and place ads directly on mobile phone. They have access to 85% of android phones in Africa. Interactive Voice Response which are calls with automated recorded brand/campaign messages. These and more are some of the services that Dochase offers. So if you are looking for a range of programmatic solutions for your campaign, they are the best for you.


Nothing makes a client happier than receiving great customer service from a company. With Dochase you don’t have to worry about delayed responses or request. They put advertiser’s satisfaction first. This is probably why lots of advertisers choose to work with them. A visit to their website and you are prompted with a chatbot to make your requests known. Also, a contact form is available on their site which you can fill. They will get back to you which almost immediately. It’s a whole new client experience with Dochase. And to me, a great client relationship should always top an advertiser’s list.

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