Why Am I Sad? 5 Possible Reasons You Are Sad And What You Can Do About It

February 23, 2021

You may feel emotions stirring and wonder, “Why am I so sad?” and not know how to answer that. Sometimes we are sad for no apparent reason. We cannot just find the root cause of why we feel the way we do. This article proffers some reasons why you may feel sad.

Lack of a Support System!

We feel obligated to be our own heroes. We feel like we need to hold on rather than let go and let others in. When this happens, sadness increases, and we are no longer engaged with those we love. We need people to know who we really are. We need moments of vulnerability or opening up to one another to feel safe and secure. When we can tell others what we are going through, we feel a sense of clarity and release.

Find people you trust: professionals, friends and family that you can turn to when going through a hard time.

Inability to Communicate Needs

When we are the sad, we have trouble communicating our needs to others. But sadness doesn’t form overnight. Oftentimes, the repression goes back longer and deeper. We expect others to read our minds. We don’t give them a chance to get to know the real us because we’re so afraid of rejection.

Your needs include understanding, compassion, reassurance, empowerment, and hope. When you let yourself become vulnerable, people can offer you these things.

Identity Loss

Instead of hiding in the same stigma of sadness, open up to the world to share what you are going through.

When you are wearing a mask, you cannot be authentic. And when you are not being authentic, you are not getting your needs in life met. You are not building a true foundation for success. You cannot be happy. That mask needs to come off.


Hardship does not define us. But it can take time to recover from one. Don’t speed up that process. Sadness is not an inherently wrong emotion to feel. It’s just uncomfortable. And when you go through a hardship, that sadness will be there. That sadness attaches you to what you lost that you loved. It gives meaning to it.

People will have solutions for everything. But the greatest answer you can give yourself is honoring that sadness and what it stands for, so that it doesn’t overwhelm and control you.

Negative Messages or Self Talk about Yourself

You are worth everything. Your sadness does not speak to what you are worth. It only tells you the story you tell yourself. And when you change that story, you can breathe. You start to see the positives in your day. You start to realize you deserve to be happy.

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